I Would Get Married To Angelo If I Had The Chance – Beverly Osu! Check Out Full Interview…posted by kelly rhymez

So Beverly Ada Osu who represented Nigeria along with Melvin Oduah at Big Brother Africa The Chase granted her first interview since exiting the Big Brother House last Sunday.

Even after the show, Beverly is not shying away from speaking some controversial things.

Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah joined IK Osakioduwa and Anita “Omalicha” Isedeh on Rhythm 93.7 FM’s Morning Show yesterday and here is what they both had to say.


On Angelo’s Girlfriend Candice
I don’t want to talk about his so called girlfriend because I don’t know anything about her.

On if she engaged in any sexual activities with Angelo
I did not have sex with Angelo. I loved him and I still love him. I would get married to Angelo if I had the chance.

On the Bathtub scene (Where she appears to be having sex with Angelo)
I’ll still say nothing happened between me and Angelo.

On her BBA: The Chase strategy
I talk a lot. My strategy was nothing. I just went with the flow.

On featuring in a porn production by Afrocandy (A Nigerian-US based actress)
Afrocandy nibo? No ooo!!! Thanks for the offer but NO.

On her plans for the future
I’ll continue with my online reality show “Beverly Says” and I’ll finish school. That’s what is important now.


On Dillish Winning
As you progress in the game, you’ll feel more confident that you’ll win the money.  But still I knew it could be anyone of us. I don’t love Dillish, we’re just cool

On his acting career
I’m taking my acting career to the next level. That’s what Nigerians should expect from me. More movies.


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